Professional Longarm Quilting Service

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We are delighted to offer a professional longarm quilting service.

Free Motion Quilting from Margaret Lehmann is a great way to turn your beautiful top into a ready quilt.

Send us a your top and we will prepare it for you and send it back ready quilted.

Your quilt is in good hands!

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We offer a huge choice of quilting designs from simple edge-to-edge overall patterns right through to unique custom quilting.

Sample quilting patterns:

wzór 1 wzór 2 wzór 3 wzór 4

 wzór 5 wzór 6 wzór7 wzór 8

wzór 9 wzór 10 wzór 11 wzór 12


 Quilt Preparation Checklist

1. Trim any loose threads so darker threads won’t show under light fabric. This really does make a difference, particularly for white and contrasting quilts.

2. Your backing and wadding need to be at least 4in larger on all sides. This is the ideal size.

3. Trim any selvedges and press open seams on backing joins.

4. It is fine to leave the selvedges on outer edges of backings as eventually they will be trimmed.

5. Square up your backing.

6. If your quilt is directional, pin a note indicating the top end.

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Longarm Quilting Price List


- Pantograph or Free Motion Quilting (edge to edge) from 30.00 €/m²

- Quilt pattern individual designing blocks and shelves/edges from 40.00 €/m²

- Elaborate work, ruler work from 50.00 €/m²

(all quilting work including thread)

 The minimum price is the price for 1m²


Other work:

- Assembling the back, other sewing work 15.00 €/hour

- Binding: 10.00 €/running meter.(machine/hand-sewn)


We provide very pleasant discounts. Contact us:

Margaret Lehmann

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phone: +48 600 975 027

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Quilt delivery and return

Send us your top by post or courier.

Remember to insure the package.

When the quilt is ready, we return it by post.

The postage and packaging charges will include insurance.

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